Transformation center


Where implementation takes place

Participants of a D³ Workshop often experience the agile way of working as something very special. They experience the work as productive, collaborative, creative and simply more dynamic than what they are used to. And it is more fun. Many participants have the desire to continue working in this way during implementation. There is a demand to have more, mostly smaller workshops with different groups of people and stakeholders. The solution is to set up an on-site Transformation Center with all relevant functionalities. You can either set it up temporarily or permanently. An appropriate space needs to be found or freed up and then we can provide the functional equipment. The result is your own Transformation Center – THE location, where implementation takes place. Usually it differs from many innovation labs or co-working spaces.

Set up and operations

Depending on the requirements, the equipment will either be rented or needs to be purchased. Specific requirements (size, acoustics, light, air-condition, technology, etc.) need to be considered depending on local conditions and the main purpose of transformation. Ideally some selected project team members will be trained to run the center and facilitate the sessions. You will be in the position to truly own your Transformation Center. Experience shows that it is crucial to embed the Transformation Center at the right place in the overall organization and to establish a smart governance model. To enjoy maximum flexibility at work we recommend the use of mobile Whiteboards. They also function as room divider and additional technical outfit allows access to all digital media.

 Based on our experience, we offer support in planning, building and operating your Transformation Center.