Our D³ approach

Transformation programs are often designed and supported by too many external resources. Our experience is that relying on one’s own team members or employees is smarter, as own employees typically bring a higher degree of responsibility and commitment to the task at hand, besides being more cost effective. Own employees will use their know-how and experience in a more effective manner which will actively shape the future of the company. External experts will be integrated when needed, for example to create new impulses (e.g. ‘best practices’ from other industries) or to provide important insight e.g. digitalization.

An important task lies in the neutral facilitation of the change process. Conflicts of interest and various stakeholder perspectives must become transparent and addressed.

Methodological competence and experience for a companion and coach of transformations is required

Andreas Kuhn

CEO, Kuhn Berater GmbH

During a project phase where many new and innovative ideas must be developed, some prominent methodologies are available (i.e. Design Thinking and others). Participating employees feel respected and rewarded when their creativity and competence are required. A lot of enthusiasm develops when people can create and engage in new adventures. There is a spirit of optimism, enthusiasm and, up to this point, little resistance. Raised expectations, inspiration and a diversity of good ideas are the desired outcome.

The situation becomes difficult when a few of the many ideas have to be prioritized and binding decisions made. A competition for technical solutions, budgets and resources leads to necessary but also healthy conflicts. Some ideas will prevail, and yet all employees should put their hearts and hands behind the final selection. At the same time, possible changes become more visible and can cause resistance. Designing and moderating this phase is a challenge and requires experience.

This is exactly where our offer comes in. Together with the project sponsors, the design framework is defined in advance. A sparring partnership is created between the sponsors and us, where the project procedure and its’ interventions (usually one or more D³ workshops) are closely coordinated.

The D³ Workshop is a central element of a project. Here selected participants come together – typically a larger group – and develop solutions together. Priorities are set and a new ‘North Star’ gives orientation to everyone.

All participants experience an agile work process and recognize how they can contribute in the future. The D³ WS is therefore also an opportunity to experience leadership culture in practice and to redesign it.

The responsibility for taking decisions remain with the sponsors in all cases – this is not a democratic process. However, the mutual shaping of the future creates momentum and trust amongst all participants. A new team of change ambassadors is established that is highly motivated to drive the implementation. They will also be the key communicators during the upcoming journey.

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