About us

Young company but still experienced

Although the company started in 2017, we, at Kuhn Berater have many years experience in our area of competence as well as in our joint collaboration as a team in different project situations. The foundation of our methodology was already elaborated by Matt and Gail Taylor in the 80’s in the USA.

MGTaylor – where we come from

Matt as an architect and Gail as a Montessori teacher developed work processes for large groups and identified the importance of an adequate working environment. With the concurrence of both they formed a methodology that still impacts us today. Joint workshops with them are always a source of inspiration we enjoy until today.

Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE)

In 1995 their methodology started to influence the area of management consulting. First at Ernst & Young and later at Capgemini the ASE format was born (ASE stands for Accelerated Solutions Environment). It changed consulting approaches and the way we collaborate with our clients.

Rob Evans founded the ASE with great conviction and passion. He first built a national presence in the USA and later a global network of ASE-centers. A global network of well trained ASE-facilitators and knowledge workers (ASE-freelancers with rather non typical consulting skills) emerged and still grows till today – an irreversible footprint.


In 2002 Andreas Kuhn took over the assignment to build up the ASE for Germany. Initially in Munich, later for many years in Berlin. He set up and lead the ASE-Practice for the German speaking region. The international ASE-network was an invaluable support in this.

A special gratitude here is for a very appreciated former colleague: Chip Saltsman from the USA was our mentor with all his experience and unconditioned help. He always was available as a great sparring partner. We’re all working now for different companies but we’re still connected and help each other.

Rob Evans is currently gathering all experience and know-how around our methodology with his books ‚The Collaboration Code‘ in order to make it available for all of us. A corresponding website is set up for more information including a list of globally certified Master practitioners.

To the “Collaboration Code” website

In 2017 time is ripe to found a new company – the Kuhn Berater GmbH. Our focus is on applying and expanding this methodology. We call this , which stands for Dedicated Design & Decision.

"No soft line approach"

The German business publication ‚Brand eins Thema’ picked up one of the examples and published a detailed and lively story:

To the publication (German)

Founder and Managing Director

Andreas Kuhn

Andreas Kuhn

CEO, Kuhn Berater GmbH

  • Reserve Officer of the  German Army, Bundeswehr
  • Aeronautical Engineering at Technische Universität Braunschweig (Dipl.-Ing.)
  • Foreign studies at E.N.S.A.E de Toulouse
  • 7 years at Procter & Gamble in the consumer goods industry (department manager)
  • 2 years strategy consulting at Renaissance, projects in Mumbai, Dubai (partner)
  • 18 years at Capgemini Consulting, broad level of experience across industries and topics – especially strategy development and change management
  • From 2002 – 2017 set-up and lead of the ASE for Germany, Austria, Switzerland (Principal)

Workshops with the ASE-format

Countless workshops in the ASE-format – from 1,5-day Executive Workshop with 8 participants to 3-day large group ASE with 135 participants. Clients from the DAX, ATX, SMI as well as from ‘Mittelstand’ (SME).

Planning, preparing and facilitating of ASE-Workshops including close collaboration with respective consultants and the freelancers/ knowledge workers from the network.


Planning, building and operating of 3 ASE-Centers (dedicated environments for running ASE-Workshops).

Building the network

Building, training and developing of a freelance network of experts to support ASE-Workshops (called Knowledge Workers).

2017 Foundation of Kuhn Berater GmbH

Our consulting partners

Portrait Gerald Keichel

Gerald Keichel

  • Graduate in Business Administration – Studies at the Free University of Berlin
  • Guest lecturer at the FH Merseburg “New Work”
  • 21 years of consulting and supporting medium-sized and large companies as well as public institutions in complex change projects in the areas of organization, processes, culture, IT, governance – focus on “engaging people & making rapid progress”
  • 15 years of experience as an ASE (Accelerated Solutions Environment) facilitator with a focus on designing and facilitating multi-day large group workshops to accelerate complex coordination and decision-making processes
  • At Capgemini Invent head of the Berlin STUDIO for digital and virtual workshops – internationally sought-after expert for collaboration methodology and tools (e.g. DEON)
  • Since 2021 independent change consultant, facilitator and trainer

David Murphy

  • Master in Sustainable Development (MSc) at Imperial College, London
  • Degree in Finance at Leeds Beckett University and Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH))
  • 2 years Management Consulting at Credo Consulting (today part of PwC)
  • 12 years Siemens (Inhouse Consulting, Senior Product Manager, Head of Sustainability, recipient of the Siemens Excellence Award)
  • 5 years City Administration – Head of Climate Protection and Energy for the city of Munich

Broad project experience in industry, IT, public administration, NGOs (India and Europe) as well as in transformation and change management, strategy development, cloud-based energy management and IT management.

Lena Bernhofer

  • Diploma & Honor Degree in Business & Technology Management – studies at LMU and TU Munich; visiting researcher at UC Berkeley & UIBE Beijing
  • 1 year financial auditing and controlling at KPMG
  • 4 years PhD in entrepreneurship education & ecosystems / (open) innovation at Tongji University Shanghai
  • 2 years management consulting for digital strategy & transformation at Capgemini Consulting
  • Since 3 years founder and CEO at Maison Gern GmbH
  • Since 3 years independent consultant experienced in D³ projects

General project experiences in industry, automotive as well as transformation and change management, innovation management, digitization and strategy development.

Our network of knowledge workers

Michael Schrenk

Michael studied electrical engineering and photography. He brings further creative talents as scribing, video creation and music. Since 2004 Michael works as freelance photographer, illustrator and knowledge worker for consultancies and many clients from a variety of industries and the public sector.

Tamara Grassold

After her studies in graphical design, Tamara gained experience at advertising companies and management consultancies. Since 2001 she entered the domain of supporting large group workshops. Logistic, administration and work process supervision of these workshops is one of her strengths.

Chris Danner

Chris holds a MBA in Business Administration and apart from his interest in economical challenges he developed his talent for supporting collaborative workshops. He lives in London and since 2010 Chris is a member in our knowledge worker network. He works for consultancies in UK and Germany for clients in any industry.

Lucia Fabiani

She studied in Milan and lives now in Rome. Since 1999 she works in the global network as illustrator, graphical recorder and knowledge worker. Lucias scribings can be found at large global companies and NGOs or the world economic forum. She is a founding member of the value web and speaks Italian, German, English and French.

Nance Kaemmerer

Nance is an Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) in informatics, she lives in Magdeburg, joined the network of knowledge workers in 2006 and is experienced in many roles. As mother of a son and start-up engineer of the University of Magdeburg Nance gained good mentoring skills – similarities in these two tasks are just by accident.

Yannick Lange

Yannick is an industrial engineer by profession and has experience in working for a technology consulting firm and an IT-Start-up. His interest and curiosity in agile working methodologies has lead Yannick to our network. His experience in volunteering work as trainer for youth leaders gave him new valuable perspectives.

Stefanie Raab

Stefanie holds a diploma in public relations and merchandising and she joined the network in 2002. Her working experience reaches from project assistance in Italy and for management consultancies. Currently she takes on a leadership role in order management of a small company. As mother of two kids she holds an award in multi tasking.