Managing complex transformations with effective collaboration

Successful transformations, whether digital or not, will always be a big challenge. Developing a credible plan that is ambitious and still achievable is the goal. It should go fast but also be meticulously thought through. A high intensity of collaboration with key internal and external stakeholders will ensure employees align and commit to the new goals and strategies. A transparent and consistent communication is essential.

We manage transformation projects and provide a clear direction for all parties involved by using best-in-class methodologies and tools. A core element of our transformation approach is the D³ Methodology.

D³ Workshops

The D³ (Dedicated Design & Decision) Workshop is a highly agile and collaborative workshop format which can accommodate up to 100 participants (and even more). This method is globally applied successfully for decades to address complex challenges. A D³ Workshop (D³ WS) is intensively researched and prepared. And it typically lasts 2-3 days.

High complexity, time pressure and strong commitment for implementation need to be addressed and aligned! How does that work?

Jointly agreed solutions in spite of a huge overflow of information

Relevant facts available in writing will be gathered and aggregated upfront. Designated participants will join the workshop and bring their experience, know-how and fresh ideas.

Speed despite high complexity of the topics

The methodology of D³ Workshops (WS) is highly interactive, creative and iterative. The dedicated environment and support of the facilitation team stimulates highly productive work and alignment along a process called ‚SCAN-FOCUS-ACT‘.

Real buy-in and all ‘on board’ in face of challenging changes ahead

The honor of participating in shaping the future of one’s own company strongly motivates employees. The duty to implement is the other side of the coin – the two sides are inseparably linked.

What we are good at

We offer a long standing experience in management consulting. Our expertise covers topics like strategy and organizational development, process reengineering, digitalization, post merger integration and related themes.

A special focus of our work is on the topics of climate neutrality and sustainability.

The connection with change management as well as the planning and execution of interactive D³ workshops is what makes up our profile. We apply the D³ methodology, which has been proven worldwide for years, to executive workshops with only 6-15 participants up to large group workshops with up to 100+ participants.

What we can do for you

Our way of working helps you to make right and good decisions quickly. These are developed in a joint effort in such a way that they are supported by many and actually implemented. The responsibility to make decisions remains with the executives.

Experience shows that corporate culture aspects must be taken into account. Insight alone is not enough for employees to act on their own responsibility. They must also want to, so that change is successful. With our approach, we bring insights and intentions together.

We are driven by our mission to align solution development, implementation and cultural aspects. This enables you to design changes in your organization in such a way that they are anchored in a sustainable way. We bring more than 20 years of experience to the table.

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